Reasons Why You Should Consider a B2B Ordering Management System

With customers in every industry becoming more tech-savvy, the demands and expectations businesses need to meet have changed significantly. In the past, customers would call a restaurant to place their order, dine-in, or just pick it up. But today, most consumers prefer placing orders online, from the comfort of their home.

They demand to know the estimated time or date of delivery of the product at the time of order placement, and they want to be able to track where their order is at any particular time. If you don’t provide these value-added services to your customers, they won’t take long to drift away from your business and move to a competitor who’s giving them everything they want in a professional, modern service.

With an order management system, you can give your customers a seamless shopping experience, where they can place orders for desired products online and track them until they’re delivered at their doorstep.

Despite all the benefits an order management system brings to businesses, many retail customers and suppliers still aren’t incorporating this software into their IT infrastructures. If you still haven’t considered investing in an order management system, it’s about time you take a step toward digitalisation before your business goes obsolete.

A cutting-edge order management system, such as the one provided by OrderTron, combined with a responsive, well-built, and user-friendly e-commerce platform, can take your business and profitability to new heights.

In this blog post, we’ve listed the top benefits of using an order management system for your retail or supplier business—let’s get started:

Flawless Order Management

The order management procedure begins when a customer places an order for a product and finishes when the product is delivered to them. From order placement to order delivery, the entire order management process needs to be as efficient and as convenient for your customer as possible. An online ordering software can automate all touchpoints, making for a flawless order fulfilment process, with accurate product delivery on the assigned time and date.

Even the smallest glitch in order fulfilment can impact customers’ overall shopping experience, leading to post-purchase dissonance, resulting in bad word of mouth for your business and the loss of potential and existing customers.

For suppliers, it could mean regular clients taking business to competition, and for retailers, it could mean a loss of end users.   

Increased Transparency for Customers

Today’s customers want to know all kinds of details about their order’s progress across every step of the product purchase journey through real-time order tracking, delivery status updates, and email notifications. You can’t provide your customer with this information unless you have an integrated order management system that can assemble all your clients’ information and extract the requested data within seconds.

With OrderTron’s order management system, you can gather all the order information that is relevant to a particular customer in one place, bringing all customer information in front of your customer support team at all times.

You don’t want your customer representatives to go through a long Excel sheet to find a client’s name and related order information while putting customers on hold. An order management system will allow your customer support team to address all queries and concerns about their order shipment, returns, and cancellations. This will satisfy your customers by saving their time and energy; it will also go a long way in reducing business costs and increasing productivity.

Businesses that use order management systems can enjoy a significant decline in the number of calls received inquiring about order status, as customers can track orders online. Increased transparency in your delivery and shipment processes will keep your customers hooked to your business—increased website usage might even mean more orders.

Offer Omnichannel Capabilities

When customers shop online, they prefer to have their orders fulfilled according to their convenience. They expect to be able to choose the date, time, and location for the shipment that is most feasible for them. Every touchpoint in the customer buying and order fulfilment journey provides businesses with an opportunity to enhance customers’ experience, customer retention, and ultimately, sales revenue.

Global Inventory Control

Whether you have a small or a medium-sized business, it shouldn’t restrict your expansion opportunities. An order management system software allows your customers to view your product inventory in real-time.

With the global inventory tracking feature, you can provide your customers with real-time updates on where their desired product is available. If you have multiple storage locations, like a warehouse or third-party storage, you can determine the nearest location from which the order can be shipped to your customer. This reduces the delivery time and saves you logistic costs while also improving the overall customer experience.

If you’re using a multi-channel approach (for example, a small-scale local store and a large-scale supermart), you can also specify which stock-keeping units (SKUs) and in what quantities must be sold from a specific channel.

This is imperative because different types of customers shop from different channels with different buying objectives. For instance, shoppers in large supermarts are usually there for monthly grocery shopping, and they look for bundle offers or large packages, such as a 10kg pack of rice.

On the other hand, a person shopping at a small local store would most probably buy items for immediate consumption, such as ½ kg packs of rice. An order management system allows you to align different channels with shoppers’ buying objectives, improving your sales revenues and margins.

24/7 Access

With an order management system, you can track your business anywhere you want, at any time, and from any device, including a smartphone, desktop computer, tablet, or laptop. Furthermore, live inventory update and control options allow your customers to purchase from your e-commerce platform anytime and anywhere they desire. You get efficient order processing and data control capabilities while your customers enjoy timely and quality order deliveries.

Enhanced Account Clarity  

Order management software takes care of your inventory control, order processing, and order management and imports that data of all the invoiced orders to your accounts. It keeps your accounts updated according to the sales, returns, and order cancellations.  

Invest in OrderTron’s Order Management System 

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses are more about complexity than size. Whether you own a small business with just one retail store and one trusted supplier or an extensive network of stores, supply chains, and warehouses worldwide, your best bet is to invest in order management software.

It will simplify your order fulfilment process, provide your customers with a better experience, and allow you to manage a global network of sales channels and supply chains from one place.

While it’s apparent how large-scale organisations can benefit from an order management system, small businesses can also reap the benefits. What’s outstanding about OrderTron’s order management system is that it can effectively manage customers’ orders for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As your small business expands, you can customise our order management software by adding new features and extensions to meet new business requirements and needs. From brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping centres, customers prefer to shop from businesses that deliver their products in good shape and within the estimated delivery period. With an order management system for small business, you can better manage your inventory, track the orders, and provide your customers with a satisfactory experience, leading to positive word of mouth and increased sales revenues. This has a major spillover effect that you can’t afford to ignore, and could mean the difference between a successful or failing business.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cutting-edge order management system or online ordering software for small business, you’re in the right place.

At OrderTron, we provide SMEs with top-tier order management software that you can rely on for timely and accurate order fulfilment. Whether you’re a food supplier or a retail customer, our advanced software can sync with your business’s existing IT infrastructure, offering comprehensive, secure, and coherent order reporting in real-time.

OrderTron is a one-for-all software that incorporates order processing, inventory management and tracking, and order management. Connect with us at +61 2 8599 8830 for more information or fill this form to request a free trial today!

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