Online Order Management — Why It’s The Future of B2B Businesses

Not too long ago, the general population held the belief that online shopping was a bad idea. The fear of being scammed, not receiving your purchases and personal and credit card data leaking were some of the concerns people had.

As time has gone on, this belief started to diminish with the popularity of different e-commerce services. Sceptics indeed turned into believers, as around 81% of Australia’s population has moved on to online shopping.

These numbers are only going to rise, and businesses are expected to follow suit and get on the wagon before it’s too late.

Online order management systems (OMS) for businesses are seeing a surge in need and popularity as businesses expand on the digital landscape, especially B2B businesses, which rely heavily on clear and swift communication between retailers and their suppliers; here’s why:

Connection With The Masses

What happens when a business goes online? It becomes publicly accessible by nearly 90% of the general public in the country. A company that’s listed online can be viewed and reached out to by a lot more people. A large chunk of your potential customers exist in the digital space, and the way to get their attention is to be on the same platform as them.

Suppose you’re available on an online order management system. You’ll easily be then available as a warehouse listed online for retailers to be discovered as an option for their business.


One of the major problems that buyers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic was a shortage of supplies, with retailers not having clear communication about their customers on the availability of their stocks.

OMS makes communication between supplier and customer easy and stock availability is ensured by this process. It is essential for a warehouse or any supplier to keep its customer aware about its stocks and item availability as the material will be crucial for the development of the end-product for the customer.

Dealing With Demand

Consumerism is at an all-time high, and the market is very competitive. People have felt more comfortable spending and staying up on stock after the stock-outs during the pandemic. If an organization wants to stay in business, it has to be on its toes. Countless transactions are made every single second, which eventually becomes difficult to handle by human resources alone.

Businesses now require digital assistance in the form of a management system that can handle more queries than any human could. It ensures there’s no deadlock in their processes, nor is their staff overburdened by the influx of information pouring in.

Minimize Interaction

With an order management app, difficult and tedious tasks become easy. Tasks are simplified and kept minimal to a few clicks, so you don’t have to memorize a long string of inputs to get a few things down. Rather than maintain a lengthy ledger and add multiple entries manually, as orders go out to the retail customers.

Changes are made on the online supplier web app and updated on the cloud, so everyone has the same results on the app even while they are accessing remotely. This enables higher ups to focus on other managerial tasks rather than log maintenance.

Greater Efficiency

There’s very little room for error in a fast-paced business, but humans are bound to make mistakes. Especially when the pressure is on, there’s a chance that a small error could end up in the system. It could be harmless or lead to a very sticky situation for your business.

Mobile order management software allows for more accessible inputs, which reduces the chances of an error being made in the first place. Templates are setup, making the process of feeding data into app simple. Be it in processing orders, clearing out payments, or adding stock to inventory, and you can expect things to be more error-free in general when you go digital.

Easier For Customers To Use

The general public wants a more straightforward solution to work with. Order management systems have simple UIs with an easy to understand design, which helps minimize the learning curve for new users. Old users will feel comfortable using them after getting used to the layout. By pressing a few buttons, their job is done in a comfortable yet intuitive fashion. Familiarity breeds comfort in usage, as users are more likely to stick to an app they’re used to than experience something new.

Require Little To No Training For Employees

Online order management systems come with templates and presets set up for the relevant business. It makes tasks much more straightforward, and within a few screens, a lot of work can be done by one employee. Your employees will have an easy time learning the system, navigating through the application, and getting their job done digitally.

On-The-Fly Adjustments

With an online order management system, you can make changes to your system right away. Unlike having to maintain multiple ledgers to keep track of multiple things, you can use one app to deal with different parts of the business.

Suppose you run out of stock on an item while more customers are making purchases for it, the item will be relayed onto the back order system. As soon as it is available at your warehouse, it will be shipped out to them. This reduces a cyclic need to maintain complicated order logs.

Faster Systems

OMS works using the cloud, so the changes made on the app are updated in real-time. Whether a customer is making an order to a supplier or if an employee is changing data to the inventory stock, it’s all concurrent and updated right away. It speeds up the work in general for the business, getting more work done for them overall.

Updated values and notifications are instantly pushed onto the apps, so all the relevant parties are kept in the loop about changes.

Convenient Access

OMS can work from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection and the app on your mobile or PC. As a business, you don’t have to head over to look at the ledger to see how the finances are going or the warehouse to check up on inventory. It is maintained on the application, which is a few clicks away from giving you all the information you need.

Reduce Waste

This one is good for your conscience. By using a supplier management app, you can actually help the environment out a lot. As these systems maintain logs and information online, it reduces the need to maintain journals and ledgers for finance. This limits the use of paper in general, which is good for the environment. Paper production, as well as its waste, has a serious impact on the environment, and by opting for a digital solution, you can do good for your surroundings. This is an excellent point that brands can add to their CSR and represent themselves in a more positive light by focusing on sustainability.

A Few Ending Thoughts

Technology is rapidly developing, and man is becoming more and more dependent on it. Only those businesses that have incorporated the developing trends in their work without letting go of the roots that helped them sprout out have been able to stay relevant. In the current environment, that relevancy comes from staying on the online grid.

Businesses are starting to become less and less dependent on human resources and gravitate towards using technology to get the job done. Be it a small business or a large conglomerate, an online order management system ensures that its processes are streamlined, performed swiftly, updated right away while maintaining availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information.

The advantages extend onto the customer’s end as well, as they get an online app to order the things they need and a way to interact with their supplier. B2B businesses require excellent communication and coordination between seller and buyer, as they benefit off each other, and the gap between the two is minimized using OMS.

Get an Order Management System Today

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