Why Do You Need an Online Order Management System?

It would be no exaggeration to say that if a business is not available online, or anyone for that matter, it is severely disconnected from the world. Nearly 15 million people in Australia are internet subscribers, around 88% of the country. A majority by a landslide cannot acquire your services if they can’t find it online, so you’re practically pushing away many potential customers.

An order management system (OMS) like OrderTron is a digital solution used by B2B suppliers to manage the inventory they want customers to see, sell items at a set tier price specific to customer groups, and fulfil orders.

The Rise of E-Commerce

E-Commerce, or the purchase and selling of goods online, has become the norm. In 2020, the revenue for the E-Commerce market is expected to reach AU$35,536m in 2020. Increasing at a yearly rate of 4.6%, the number of people making purchases online is only going up.

The perception of online purchasing has also changed over the years, with people being less hesitant to make purchases online. Predominantly after COVID-19, people relied heavily on online shopping to get most of their needed items rather than risk exposure. This implies that online stores are equally a viable option for buying things for the average customer compared to any physical retail store.

Ease of Use

Using a mobile order management software is very easy. The customers can get a free version of the app online on their mobiles using either the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

The navigation system is relatively straightforward, and the ordering formats are standardised, so there’s no learning curve for the system. You have to pick the items you want and fill in a few forms once, which helps save your ID for future use. Recurring users are bound to come back to systems they are familiar with.

Centralised System

Order management apps operate in a centralised system, i.e., working on one app for all the relevant tasks. It eliminates the need to maintain multiple ledgers for the transactions being made for orders, the inventory coming in, or going out of your warehouse, the different receipts you’ve to keep for each time there’s a payment.

It’s all updated in real-time on the app, so you don’t have to maintain a lot of paperwork, potentially reducing paper waste as well, which is good for the environment.

24 Hour Access

No longer do you have to be at the spot to take accountability for the inventory or the flow of orders for your business. You can check up on your business using the OMS, which can be accessed from your tablet or PC. You can be at home and be in touch with what goes on at work all by yourself.

Whatever transaction takes place, the change that goes on in your stock, you’re updated of it all right away. You can get a glance at it all at the push of a few buttons. It also applies to your customers, as they can make an order from anywhere they are.

Accurate Inventory Management

One of the most tedious tasks that businesses have to perform is keeping a check on their inventory. To keep a tight ship going, you need people to ensure that you have enough stock to maintain a steady flow. For B2B businesses, in particular, this is crucial as most of the trading for these businesses is related to items from the inventory.

Gone are the days when you had The Wizard of Oz maintain a lengthy Excel sheet of items; there’s too much going in and out of stock for someone to keep a headcount and not make mistakes. An order management system does it all for you, as item lists are updated on the transactions made through the OMS. It gives you the most accurate results of what you have in store.


One of OMS’s more significant advantages is the exclusivity you get from the service compared to most open marketplaces. Order management systems are not aggregators, and they do not list every business off of the yellow pages. Instead, they have a list of registered services for customers to choose from via their supplier management. You can register on a supplier management app first to get on-board.

Think of it like a club where you have the advantage of being among the special, giving you an edge among competitors who aren’t on the list. Ultimately, it narrows down the number of options for your customer, increasing the chances of your service being chosen. Customers also find it easier to choose between fewer choices; too many options can cause anxiety as well.

Business Growth

As customers continue to use your business, the OMS begins to accumulate a wealth of data from their usage and purchases. By analysing and using this information, you can customise your system and services to better cater to them. It can allow you to garner more sales from them by fitting their needs.

Customer relations are a crucial part of any business, and if you understand their need and capitalise on gaining their loyalty, you can expect to make more profit from them. A customer is more likely to return to a seller that it had a great experience with.

Fewer Chances of Error

The supplier management end of OMS consists of formatted templates that will suit the needs of your business. This allows you to enter data into the system quickly while maintaining efficiency. Templates also allow your employees to make fewer mistakes while entering data, as they have clear formats that ensure the right input is pushed into the system.

For example, you can choose from a list of items to add to inventory, specify the number of articles to add for that particular item, and upgrade your stock in two steps with little to no room for error.

Reduced Labour Cost

By integrating an OMS with your business, you can effectively reduce the cost of labour. You will require fewer human resources, as the app can automate several tasks that require multiple people to take care of things. A single person can handle multiple people’s jobs by using the app, resulting in a lot of savings down the line. From printing out invoices to counting boxes and adding them up in the ledger, one does the job of many.

Data Privacy

When running a business that depends on managing an inventory, your data’s biggest concern is privacy. Online ordering systems for businesses ensure that your information is safe from breaches. If your data gets into the hands of any competitors, it’s bad news for your business.

Luckily, OMS stores your data on the cloud, which is heavily protected with different security protocols such as complex encryption. All of this happens without taking a hit on your access time, so there’s no lag either. Rest easy, knowing that your data is in safe hands.

Safe Payment Solutions

It is crucial for any business to ensure payments are made on time. Using OMS, customers have the flexibility of making payment through invoice on due dates or by using credit cards on mobile apps. These are authorised payment solutions that ensure high levels of security and encryption, providing a no hassle experience and that you get your money on time. Around 16 million people in the country already use credit cards for payments, so it’s a no-brainer to have this one on board.

A Few Ending Thoughts

An order management system is a must-have for businesses, as it saves up a great deal of time, effort, and money for them in the grand scheme of things. The cost they have to give for the system eventually pays for itself by increasing productivity and the savings they make from the reduced labour.

It can help them understand their customers and the general market better, enabling them to cater to their requirements in a way they would not be able to normally. Not only do the businesses benefit from this, but the customers also find an easier way to get in touch with the suppliers they need.

For B2B businesses in particular, which rely on different businesses for their stock and raw material, order management systems are extremely crucial and can streamline their processes in a much smoother fashion, leading to overall progress.

Get an Order Management System Today

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