How to Keep Your Food Business Going During the Coronavirus

Countries around the globe are implementing shelter-in-place orders to minimize—if not eliminate—the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. People are encouraged to abide by social distancing guidelines, and businesses have been forced to shut down their facilities and adopt strategies to allow working remotely.

Service-related businesses—particularly ones operating in the food industry—are feeling the most impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and struggling to keep their head above the water.  However, we believe that pulling down the shutters doesn’t necessarily have to hurt your food business revenues.

If you own a bar, cafe, club, dine-in restaurant, a retail store, or any other food business, here are some ways you can keep it running and growing during these trying times.

Retailers: Offer In-House Online Delivery

Whether you earlier had an online delivery option or not on your website, you need it now more than ever. While brick-and-mortar outlets are asked to close, local authorities are encouraging food delivery and takeaways during the lockdown.

Trust us; if you still believe you can do well offline, you are going to lose many potential customers. To offer online order placement and delivery, you will have to integrate an order management software that will enable you to manage all your orders and deliveries on your website or an application. Yes, you may have to do some hiring to fulfill doorstep deliveries, but the cost of hiring would still be less than the revenues you may lose without an online delivery option.

Suppliers: Integrate a Cloud-Based Order Management Software

If you’re supplier or wholesaler in the food industry, a 360-degree order management software can make your life easier. It will streamline your entire order fulfillment process, from receiving the order to generating the invoice.

Choose a cloud-based order management software that can offer you mobile applications (friendly for both iOS and Android), automated integration with accounting platforms, and an independent product catalog for your buyers only.

Retailers & Suppliers: Social Media Presence 

Whether you’re a retailer in the food industry or a supplier, you need to be present and active on social media. Because of the lockdown, most people may assume that you’re not operating, like most food businesses. By being active on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can let your potential customers know that you’re ready to serve.

However, since more people are now using social media to kill boredom, you need to be careful with your content. Focus on what excites your audience and create engaging content based on that information.

Though many food businesses have tumbled because of the coronavirus outbreak, yours can still thrive with one of the best Order Management Systems by OrderTron. Our order management software and mobile order management apps are designed according to your retailing and supplying needs.

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