The Ways In Which OrderTron Assimilates Into Your Order Management Processes

When making the use of any new technology or software for your business, the primary goal is almost always to improve the business’s performance and processes. Nobody invests in new, often expensive technology without expecting real, tangible benefits and returns on it.

For different industries and businesses within those industries, different software are developed. Many of them serve specific purposes, whether you’re using technology that packs and delivers your goods, or technology that allows you to have smoother customer service.

OrderTron is designed specifically to allow wholesalers in the food and beverage (F&B) industry in Australia liaison with their clients with more ease. It’s an Order Management System (OMS) that streamlines the supply chain management (SCM) process and reduces chances of error and mistakes, while allowing room for more growth.

What benefits does an OMS software like OrderTron offer?

Different OMS software come with different features built into them. Some of them are designed for retail businesses, which means the delivery and order processing system needs to be much quicker and designed for smaller orders.

It comes down to the type of business and the sector of the industry they’re in. Some businesses customise pre-built OMS too, but that’s not always necessary.

Some of the biggest advantages of OMS, including OrderTron, for small businesses include:

Centralised order processing

Instead of individual orders, manual order taking and dealing with dozens of customers one after the other, this software allows companies to keep everything in one place.

All your clients are in one digital space, easy to access and communicate with. The orders are also processed with speed and efficiency.

Having a software to process your orders is a lot more efficient than resorting to manual data entry in ledgers and excel sheets. You also get access to all your clients, manufacturers and suppliers, warehouses and stock through it.

Smoother order management

With the ease of order placement and processing comes easier order management as well. Since everything is centralised and digitised, there’s very little that needs to be done on your part. The system is faster and more efficient when it comes to order management, allowing you to oversee and keep track of all incoming and outgoing orders.

This means you can afford to expand the business and take on more orders and clients without having to worry about handling everything.

Minimising errors and mistakes

Since data entry is significantly reduced and there is no real need for manual entry, you also lower chances of making mistakes. Entering information is simple and because it’s all recorded, you always have a reference point.

All your data is clear, consistent and safe, easy to update and keep track of. It’s a simpler process and reduces the margin of error by a lot; large amounts of data can be processed and saved, with exact figures and amounts calculated.

Order and stock tracking

Another major advantage is the ease of tracking orders and stock. Since any software is likely to process information in real time, it will also allow your clients to track orders that they place with you. The need to update clients personally and manually will be gone, which helps save time.

Applications like OrderTron come with inventory management, updating as stocks change. As a business owner, it means fewer issues for you when it comes to keeping track of existing stock or problems with orders due to shortages.


As a default, your records will also be more organised and stored on the application, being made accessible as and when you need them. These systems record data and information related to your orders, clients, and schedules. There’s less of a need to re-enter data and lowered chances of losing it too.

Since everything is digitised, records are cleaner, more accurate and you have more details available. There’s no way you can process days, times and exact moments an order was placed, what every relevant detail was and more. Through automation, you have the freedom to procure any information you need.


Yet another added benefit that OMS software offer is accounting. Even if particular software doesn’t necessarily provide accounting features, it logs information that can be used to do your company accounts. This includes payments, costs and other transactions that you need for your books.

Which of these features, and more, are unique to OrderTron?

OrderTron is a powerful software, designed with small businesses in mind. We understand that it’s difficult to run a business at par with bigger competitors who have more resources and manpower. Work is harder to manage and it’s difficult to take on as much business as you’d hope.

Even for larger businesses, it’s difficult to keep track of clients and orders through old fashioned techniques and manual methods. Therefore, it’s the perfect investment to make.

What makes OrderTron so appealing is how easily it assimilates into any business’s existing models. You don’t need additional systems, just a simple purchase and registration of the application, the initial set up process and getting your retail clients on board.

OrderTron offers a wide variety of features that business owners can benefit from. For instance:

Customer Management

OrderTron allows you to create individual customer accounts, as well as in bulk through the import wizard. Each customer you make an account for can be grouped together, activated or deactivated as per your need—such as seasonal businesses—and more.

In fact, you can also create groups through which you can apply special pricing and discounts, sharing specific products and much more. It’s also possible to add clients who have multiple venues and locations. With the easy management of all your clients, you can focus on the best product quality.

Product Management

Through OrderTron, you also have complete control over your products, categories, suppliers and units. You can build a complete catalogue of your stock and available products that is accessible to your clients. Update pricing, special pricing offers for individual products or in bulk.

You can also divide products based on groups, categories, names, supplier, price, minimum and maximum order quantity and other categories for specifics. It may sound complicated, but through our import features and simplified interface, it’s much easier than you’d expect. Plus, with everything added to the catalogue, you save up on the added effort of manual updating, checking for stock quantity and more.

The billing unit and order unit can also be separated, for easier grouping of clients. This means clients belonging to certain pricing tiers, special offers and more can be placed in one place.

Order Management

You get the freedom to sort orders based on date, order status, company, and any additional detail that will help you sort the order or search for it when need be. It’s very flexible and convenient, allowing you to change order details at any given time.

From order quantity, to updating pricing for specific orders—such as special discounts—you have complete control of the order management process. Your customers can also be updated on any changes you make through the notes you make to each order.

The sales process is automated and picking slips are generated with ease, while invoices are also generated upon order completion. You can send those to your clients via email, printed or saved in your integrated accounts system. For customers who use fax and phone to communicate, you can still create orders.

Detailed Reporting

With real time updates on orders, products and customers, you can enjoy complete transparency of all your affairs. OrderTron has the ability to generate reports about orders you’ve received, quantity and much more.

The analytical potential this offers can help business owners make smarter decisions, such as about stock quantities they store, products that are doing well and how to generate more revenue and make greater profits. It’s a valuable insight into the business’s performance and annual turnover.

Not just you but your customers can also benefit from the reports OrderTron generates and makes available to them.

Import Wizard

When adding new information about customers or products, or updating old information, you don’t need to spend hours doing data entry. Through the template, you can fill in the relevant information and enjoy easy, seamless organisation of important details, figures and facts.

Just follow the instructions that appear on the application and you’re all set!

Push Notifications

Use this feature to send out information about important news, pricing updates, new products and much more. The Web to App messaging tool allows you to send notifications and messages to clients, acting as the perfect marketing tool for any additional service.

With OrderTron, you get all of the above and more! All your orders and information are accessible on a cloud, which means you can access it anywhere any time. The mobile apps for you and your customers are added convenience that allows them to place orders any time; they also view private catalogues that include your products, preventing them from seeing competitor products.

Finally, OrderTron seamlessly integrates with different accounting software, allowing you to import information to and from, keeping track of your debit, credit and other financial information.

If you’re ready to switch to this powerful order management software, get started here.

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