Reasons your Business Needs an Order Management Solution

Running a business is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to manage customer service, but you also need to ensure that backend tasks are being carried out efficiently. These days, most businesses have to deal with the added pressure of providing e-commerce options to customers as well.

1.8 billion people buy goods and services online these days, and most businesses today begin with an e-commerce level. It’s only after this that they—if they ever—move to a traditional brick and mortar store. As a result, the pressure on wholesalers and produce suppliers to make the shift has been immense. But e-commerce is a whole different ball game.

Wholesalers play a pivotal role in keeping the food service industry afloat. Fresh produce and other ingredients are supplied on a daily or weekly basis to food service businesses. The sheer amount of orders on a daily basis is difficult to keep up with, however, causing errors which affect the service at a restaurant.

An order management app is a one-of-a-kind solution for the food industry. Such apps benefit wholesalers and restaurants alike. Orders can be filtered out based on a number of factors, like date, order status, location, etc.

Most businesses invest in order management software to help streamline their operations. Such tools are ideal for online sales and vendor management. If your food service business or wholesale business hasn’t yet invested in such software, here are some reasons to consider it:

It improves order accuracy

Order fulfillment refers to all the processes that take place from placing an order right up to its delivery and payment. This process can be time-consuming for restaurants and wholesalers. Wholesalers need to keep track of hundreds of orders from different customers. If done manually, it would be inefficient and lead to costly mistakes. Mixing up orders or sending the wrong quantity of items to a customer would affect the wholesaler’s business, as well as the restaurant’s. A wholesaler would lose money on the order and lose a client as well. Restaurants, on the other hand, could face a supply chain gap as a result.

In the food service business, there’s no room for error. Every mistake affects either one or both parties. An order management system can help wholesalers stay on top of their orders. The process of producing and collecting delivery slips and payments can be done away with due to this one application. Customer accounts can be managed individually or in bulk with the help of the customer import wizard, and wholesalers can activate or deactivate customer accounts as needed. Special deals can also be offered to certain customers.

Inventory management

Previously, food businesses would have to keep track of their stock levels and reorder supplies manually whenever needed. This would lead to inaccurate order levels, as well as a shortage of supplies if any mistakes were made. Due to the perishable nature of the raw materials required by restaurants, orders are placed for fresh produce frequently.

Some items need to be delivered on a daily basis too. Manually ordering items over the phone, via email, or visiting individual vendor sites takes up a lot of time. OrderTron has improved the process of ordering raw materials with its consolidated platform for all vendors. The time taken to place orders is cut down significantly as a result.

An order processing system can help you connect with wholesale suppliers via the system. Orders can be placed and rescheduled as well. Users can view their order history, place a recurring order, and connect with customer service representatives if the need arises. Creating a recurring order is a simple process. Once it has been set up, the order can be placed within seconds.

The developers of OrderTron understand how cutthroat the restaurant service industry has become. With more players in the market than ever before, it can be difficult for wholesalers to have and keep loyal customers. Keeping this aspect in mind, OrderTron only allows items of a certain supplier to be displayed at a time. This feature helps safeguard the interests of wholesalers while giving them all a level playing field.

Wholesalers can better manage their inventory with the help of this app too. With all the orders in one place, they can track their reorder level to reduce any chances of a supply chain bottleneck. This helps them provide the best customer service to food service businesses.

Detailed reporting is also offered to customers and suppliers; these reports are created in real time and lets users know about the quantities ordered and prices. The incorporation of accounting tools like XERO and MYOB to this software also helps with generating detailed reports and facilitating inventory management.

Catalogue creation and management for wholesalers

OrderTron is a highly customisable online application. Suppliers can add their logo and name to their listing so that clients can easily distinguish their products. They can create their own catalogue of items with prices and quantities listed. Images of the products can be uploaded to help food services in identifying products and their details. The product import wizard makes the entire process seamless and quick. The time-saving aspect of setting up an account as a supplier allows wholesalers and vendors to spend more time on providing the best service to their customers.

Wholesalers’ catalogues can also be easily amended and updated. Prices can be updated, discounts introduced, etc.

Easy access

OrderTron is a web application that can be accessed anywhere, and at any time. The online application can be downloaded to be used on any smart device. If your commercial kitchen has no room for a computer to be set-up, don’t worry! Place all your restaurant orders with the help of a smartphone. This also gives multiple people access to orders, in case of an emergency.

Suppliers, on the other hand, can easily access the app to make changes or keep track of the progress being made, no matter where they are.

The simple user interface makes this app a breeze to use.

Direct messaging option

OrderTron also proves to be a direct messaging medium for wholesalers and food service businesses. Wholesalers can update clients if there is ever a shortage of a certain item or if the delivery will be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Restaurants can get a heads up and make alternate arrangements to make their service for the day go smoothly. The direct messaging option is also the perfect medium to advertise new deals and products. The process of sending out these messages is quick and they receive much more attention than emails or text message marketing.

Restaurants, on the other hand, can use this online messenger to clarify any queries about certain products. This reduces the chances of an error and ensures that the right products are ordered in the quantity required.

Affordably priced

Despite order management systems being new and advantageous for wholesalers and restaurants, they’re also very affordably priced. We provide all modules as part of our subscription. OrderTron’s subscription is based on order volumes and we have subscription plans. Providing some sample plans and this is not for publishing and just for the writer’s reference and idea.


Subscription NameStarterSmallMedium
Monthly Fee$149.00$299.00$499.00
Included Orders per month175400700
Each Additional Order Fee$0.85$0.75$0.70

Some features of the online application are available offline too. The best part about OrderTron is that it can be easily integrated into the existing IT system of your business, whether you’re a supplier or a restaurant. The accounting tools integrated into the system ensure no mistakes are made and the reporting meets the standards.

Users can easily set up their accounts and begin using the application. A 14-day trial can be availed that allows users to assess whether or not the system is beneficial to their business.

OrderTron is a revolutionary online web application developed specifically for food businesses. Our customised service plan creates bespoke subscriptions for each user. Download our app on your smart device now! The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for your convenience.

Customers come first!

At OrderTron, customers will always be your top priority. Wholesalers no longer have to spend a significant amount of time elbows deep in paperwork, giving them time to communicate and provide excellent service to the restaurants they serve. Restaurants on the other hand can easily place orders on one interface. The communication gap is bridged with the help of this application.

Sign up with ORDERTRON today for our order management system software. Our software integrates food service suppliers on one platform for your convenience. Contact us for more information or register for a free trial. Our customer helpline is available at all times to help users out. Our website also has replied to in detail for the convenience of our clients.

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