How An Order Management Solutions Make Your Customers Happier

Eating at a restaurant, café, or going to a bar is a staple of most people’s lives. It’s a time when they get to relax and enjoy the company of the people they’re with. Global restaurant revenue reached a whopping $668 billion in 2017—which is growth of 3.5%.

As a food business, you need to realise how important your restaurant’s service quality is to customers. One wrong move and you can deter them from coming into your restaurant ever again!

To prevent this from happening, many restaurants are turning to order management systems. An order management system is an innovative tool that helps restaurants and food businesses run smoothly. It’s a platform that runs on the cloud and allows businesses to contact wholesale vendors to place orders, while also streamlining the orders of their customers.

OrderTron is one such platform; it allows wholesale businesses and restaurants to connect via a single, easy-to-use interface. The application works on smart devices and can be accessed from anywhere. Don’t have a computer in your restaurant kitchen? No problem!

You can use it to find products via category and easily identify the needed items with product images and in-depth descriptions. Restaurants can access real-time and discounts too.

This one of a kind app helps both parties involved in the food service industry; the restaurant and the wholesaler/supplier. Wholesalers can streamline their orders to maximise efficiency. They can view orders according to date, name, order status, etc.

Restaurants, on the other hand, can easily place orders or recurring orders. They can view their order history to double check with their books too. Payments can be set up to reduce the time taken to prepare cheques and reduce the chances of late payments.

This breakthrough in the service industry has managed to earn a large following for itself. Most food businesses invest in the system to help their business become more efficient.

Here are some ways order management solutions can keep wholesalers, restaurants, and their customers happy:

Orders don’t get messed up

In the past, there was no platform to cater to the needs of suppliers, wholesaler, and vendors at the same time. OrderTron was created to bridge that gap. The developers of the application took all the needs of each stakeholder into careful consideration. The online application helps suppliers keep track of the hundreds of orders they receive every day. Customer accounts can be managed individually or in bulk via the customer import wizard. Suppliers can activate and deactivate customers as required too. Special pricing and discounts can be offered to a certain class of customer over the app as well.

Inventory management for suppliers/wholesalers

Custom orders can be placed by the wholesaler to record the orders of customers who aren’t on the OrderTron app or who still choose to call in to place an order. This feature of the app makes inventory management much easier for the wholesaler. Detailed reports are generated in real-time that summarise every customer’s order history for your record.

Accurate inventory management is essential for wholesale suppliers. The large quantity per customer order allows for no mistakes. Any shortfall will tarnish the image of the supplier and cause them to lose business. Keep your customers satisfied by delivering the required products at the set time with the help of this system.

Catalogue management for suppliers

The web application allows wholesalers complete control over their product catalogue. They can choose to add products, remove products, change categories, units, and other features on the app. The catalogue setup is done within no time with the help of the ingenious product import wizard. Pricing of products can be updated, specials can be launched and bulk pricing can be updated too. Wholesalers can therefore spend time on providing the best service to its customers.

Restaurants will view items from your catalogue only

A big drawback in the world of wholesale is the level of competition. Competition is cutthroat in this industry, since items like fresh produce are homogenous. Wholesalers often develop a relationship with restaurants and other food services. They offer special pricing and payment options based on this relationship. OrderTron allows restaurants to only view products of a certain supplier at a time. Products of competitors won’t show up while viewing your products.

No supply chain bottlenecks for restaurants

Keeping tabs on how many beef patties and tiger prawns are stored in the freezer can be difficult. A manual system requires a staff member to keep track of how many portions of each ingredient are left behind. A certain reorder level is set, after which an order must be placed. If there are any issues or delays with the order, it could halt operations in your restaurant. No customer likes hearing “we’re out of that dish, why don’t you try the chicken instead?”

An order management system streamlines the vendors and B2B aspect of your restaurant. The app allows you to view wholesalers in different locations on one platform. You can track orders, place recurring orders, and set up a payment system online too. Any delays in deliveries can be communicated via the online chat. This allows restaurants to make the necessary alternate requirements to ensure smooth service for the day. The system ensures no supply-side issues for the business, resulting in satisfied customers.

Reduces data entry

With the help of OrderTron, your restaurant staff will no longer be required to be elbows deep in paperwork with regard to the order of ingredients. The app is a one-stop shop for all the items needed to run your commercial kitchen, from premium cuts of meat to the freshest seafood. Restaurant staff can spend more time to improve customer service in the restaurant as a result of this time-saving app.

The process of order fulfilment is completed quickly by removing the need to send out slips and invoices to separate vendors for each order.

Direct messenger option for direct communication

The smartphone application has a direct messaging option that connects restaurants and suppliers. This allows the restaurant to clear up any queries regarding products, pricing, or the quantity of the product. The chances of ordering the wrong product are therefore reduced.

Direct messaging is also the perfect way for wholesalers to advertise special promotions to their customers. The process is simple and yields better results than emails or texts.

Restaurants better manage their inventory too

Fresh produce has a low shelf life. Ordering too much of it in comparison to the demand of your restaurant will only result in food wastage. Over time, OrderTron’s detailed reports and ‘View Order History’ option will allow you to identify how much of each product is actually needed. Food wastage is reduced and the restaurant will be more profitable too.

Customers remain first priority

Reducing the time spent on the order and bookkeeping process of a restaurant allows restaurant staff to take in more customers. Staff can tend to their needs without having to worry about the backend tasks. A good customer service experience at a restaurant ensures that they will keep coming back for more. There’s nothing like a loyal customer!

Affordable pricing

OrderTron is an affordable order management system to be part of. Every supplier and food service is assessed by our experts for a customised plan. Our experts assess your business to determine the features that will be used, whether you’re a wholesaler or restaurant. We believe that you should only pay for the services you have used at our online order management system.

Certain services that are part of your subscription plan may be used while offline too. This system can easily be integrated into the current IT system implemented in your business. It has accounting tools as part of the system to aid with reporting and inventory management for both parties.

Users can first sign up for a free trial of the system to determine if it is beneficial for their business or not.

OrderTron is a revolutionary order management software system developed especially for food businesses. Suppliers and restaurants can easily set up accounts on this platform. Our customised service plan for each user ensures the best features of the service for your business are given to you. Access our online system on any smart device. This system can easily be integrated into your restaurant or bar. Contact us for more information or register for a free trial.  Our customer helpline is available at all times to help users out.

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