5 Food Service Trends To Watch Out For

As an advocate for automation in the Food service industry, we keep our eyes on the trends and set to hit the industry.

As the year comes to an end, we analyzed that the following trends are expected to shape Australia’s ever evolving sensibilities, tastes and preferences when it comes to food.

Of course, behind every trend shared herein, there is a vast, in-depth analysis of thousands of brands and menus.

Automation Will Be The Way To Go

The costs for Food service operators are continuing to grow and the prices for food items that can be consumed at home continue to decline. This presents a set of different challenges for Food service operators. They are now constantly on the lookout for automating procedures that boost efficiency and convenience. We are talking about standalone kiosk only restaurants and even drones to make deliveries!

Waste Management Streamlining

Food waste is a growing concern across Australia and concerned authorities are doing their best to minimize this. Many restaurants are cutting back on the traditional advertising technique for foods items that includes marketing larger portions and larger everything and shifting to economic servings that are not wasted.

On the other hand, many Food service operators are now focusing on maintaining small gardens to grow their own vegetables that help adopt a sustainable approach and lower costs.

Going Global

A fresh wave of global cuisines is erupting across Food service operators. Cuisines including but not limited to Korean, Filipino and African are making their way into the local industry and it seems like they are going to stay through the next decade. Also, ‘fermented’ is increasing on menus as a preparation technique for ingredients and fire is being used in place of ovens.

It’s All About The Experience

Triggered by a sense of exploration customers are now out there for new experiences instead of just the food. Food service operators are offering entertaining venues and trying hard to make meals more memorable. Many restaurants are now focusing on hosting local events and complementing them with their food.

Better Supplier Relationships

Perhaps the most important trend for Food service operators is the growing emphasis on better relationships with suppliers.

Many are investing in order management software that allows them to automate supplier ordering, cutting down inaccuracy and streamlining the process. These software also allow them to keep a check on inventory, pre-order and boost overall supply chain efficiency.

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