How OrderTron Connects Suppliers and Customers in the Food Service Industry

What is that ONE thing that ensures your entire supply chain remains intact, lean and streamlined?

That ONE thing which enables all the captured or placed orders to seamlessly proceed from the point of initiation to the point of fulfillment, without causing any inconvenience to either supplier or customer?

It’s connectivity…

For you, as a supplier, it’s important that you remain connected with your customers—hotels, restaurants, catering services etc.—to ensure timely and correct delivery of an order.

For you, as a food service business, it is important that you remain connected with your suppliers so that you can track and monitor the status of all the placed orders, and get everything in place before the first customer comes knocking in.

OrderTron, your trusted comprehensive small business inventory and order management software, does exactly that – It connects you with your wholesale supplier, and you, with your food service customers.

How it does that?

Allow us to explain.

The Technology that Powers OrderTron

Heard of cloud-based platforms? Your Google Drives, Dropboxes, OneDrives etc. that allow you to remotely access your stored files, images and collaborate with your colleagues – from anywhere, at any time?

Well, OrderTron is powered by the same “cloud-based” technology.

So, here in our cloud world, we have small communities.

A community where you and your wholesale supplier live and communicate with each other. Another community where you and your food service customers live and communicate. And another community where your competitor and your competitor’s suppliers and customers operate and interact.

Everyone has a place in our cloud world and every place has boundary walls around it, so that your competitor cannot peak in and disturb your and your client’s privacy.

How Do You Access This World of Cloud?

Through your smartphone or your computer. Whether you have an Android or an iOS, a Windows OS or Mac, you install our platform—OrderTron—and invite your suppliers to join in and be part of your community. Once you’ve invited them, you can see their accounts appearing on your dashboard.

Now if you want to place an order, you will create an order, list the details of it and send it to your wholesaler. Your wholesaler, being connected with you through the cloud-based technology, receives your order and processes it.

Similarly, if you are a wholesale supplier, you will receive a notification, conveying that your customer has placed an order. You will review it and process it towards fulfillment.

It’s convenient for you and your client.

And that is how we connect suppliers and customers in the food service industry to ensure a leaner, a streamlined and an intact supply chain.

Want to know more about the platform and how it can help you build and maintain an efficient supply chain? Get in touch with us by calling at +61 2 8599 8830 or email us at

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