5 of the Most Common Order Fulfilment Myths

From the time a customer makes an order to the time that customer receives that product, order fulfilment involves all the processes that make it happen. These processes can include order processing, data entry, gaining customer insights, shipping and so on.

If you are a business that delivers goods and products to customers, you need to enhance your order fulfilment process. But first, you need to ward off some myths regarding the subject.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common myths about order fulfilment:

Myth #1: Order Fulfilment is Only for Large Organizations

This is one of the most common misconceptions among small businesses. Today’s customers expect products and services to reach them in a timely and accurate manner. This change in customers’ expectations means that small businesses cannot afford to lag behind.

Whether you are in the foodservice industry or are a cell phone parts’ supplier, you need to have an order fulfilment service that matches your needs.  

Myth #2: Order Fulfilment Is Too Expensive

This one is the extension of the point made above. Although outsourcing order fulfilment service will cost money, but you need to think of it as a worthy investment.

What’s more, it makes your processes more efficient and streamlined. For instance, you do not need to hire separate staff for data entry or controlling inventory.

Myth #3: Having Outsourced Order Fulfilment Makes You Lose Control of Your Business

This can be a valid concern for businesses, as they will be handing over a portion of their operations to a third-party. However, this does not mean that you will be losing control over your business.

Take your time before choosing the right order fulfilment service – after all, you will be working together for quite a while.

Myth #4: Free Delivery Is a Standard in the Industry

Although some customers expect free delivery, it is not a norm. If your budget and resources allow, you might want to offer it. However, it’s not mandatory.

If you are intent on offering free shipping, there are some ways around it. For instance, you might increase the original price of the product, or you might enter into a partnership with your carrier and offer free shipping on certain items.

Myth #5: Traditional Order Fulfilment Is Fine

Lastly and most importantly, businesses believe that traditional or manual order fulfilment processes can be just as effective.

We are living in digital times and technology has found solutions for many of human problems. When it comes to order fulfilment, latest and most sophisticated technology can help you with most order fulfilment tasks. For instance, it can automate data entry, track orders, provide real-time insights, track spending and so on.

We at OrderTron aim to simplify order fulfilment software in the food service industry. Using latest software mechanism, our platform takes the hassles away from order management app and fulfilment for both suppliers and customers in the food industry. Learn more about our platform.

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