How OrderTron Takes the Hassles Out of Daily Purchasing

Although considered the least glamorous part of a business, order management is an integral function.

From placing order, tracking them, to managing supplier relationships, it takes time and efforts to ensure efficient management.

However, digital technology has made order handling and processing quite easy. According to Yahoo, digital tools have the capability to reduce order fulfillment demands by 98 percent.

OrderTron is an order management software for small businesses. Our comprehensive web platform and user-intuitive mobile application helps streamline businesses processes.

Here are some ways OrderTron can prove to be quite helpful:

You Can Plan Better

Our order management software allows you to determine supplies. With complete control over your inventory, you know how you have to manage it. From tracking order history to scheduling recurring orders, you have greater control over your business’s operations.

You Can Determine Costs and Reduce Waste

Our online platform allows you to figure out precise costs. This comes in quite handy when you are assessing the overall financial health of your operation. With OrderTron, you can make better and more informed decision.

Our software also helps you reduce waste. It provides you with cumulative product reports so that you can accurately make purchases and control stock. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, our platform will allow you to check ingredients that are fresh, so that you can order accordingly.

You Can Eliminate Errors

When carrying out your operations manually, there is a great likelihood that errors will occur. There is only so much you can do manually. From typing errors to disruptions due to bad transmission, there are many things that can go wrong.

With OrderTron, the probability of errors is reduced. With every operation automated, our software ensures that your order management processes proceed smoothly and easily.

You Can Increase Sales

With OrderTron’s easy order placement mechanism, you have time to focus on other more important activities of your business.

With real-time reporting and advanced analytics, you get great insights about where your business stands. This helps you make better decisions, thereby enhancing your capabilities.

You Can Accelerate Order Processing

Our software is designed with latest features and extraordinary mechanisms. This allows your suppliers to receive orders immediately so that they can process them faster. Helping your processes become more efficient, OrderTron ensures that you can handle more orders.

What’s more, with accelerated order processing, you have a better chance of satisfying your customers/clients.

With a team of professional tech gurus, we at OrderTron have created an Online Order Management Software. To know more about the platform, get in touch with us by calling at +61 2 8599 8830 or email us at

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