OrderTron – Why Use an Online Order Management System

Simple and easy to manage. OrderTron lets you organise your products and customers in just one place.

Traditionally, wholesalers manage their products, orders, and customers using several methods such as using data entry system, online invoice programs, and others. These are all time-consuming and mistakes can slip by.

But with OrderTron, you don’t need to use different programs to manage your products, handle orders and contact your customers. It’s your one place to handle everything for your business.

What OrderTron Offers
The complete online order management system for both wholesalers and customers.

Wholesalers set up an account for his customers and from there, the whole process happens in the account.

All orders are processed in the online software. You can manage Customer Accounts, Products & Pricing, Suppliers & Inventory, Picking Slips & Invoicing plus generate detailed Reports giving you transparency on your required stock and turnover.

Bonus for Customers
They can get the OrderTron App that allows them to order your products anytime they need it. Customers can place orders, create order templates and track progress anywhere, anytime from the palm of their hand.

Benefits of OrderTron

  1. Fewer Paperwork – Reduce the need for creating several worksheets and invoices. Just input, store information and you’re done.
  2. Minimise order mistakes – Avoid making order mistakes because of bad transmissions and human error.
  3. Accelerate the Ordering Process – Rapid order capture & compiling, auto generation of picking slips & invoices gets your orders out the door faster.
  4. Know what is “selling” among your products – You can also easily contact your customers with discounts and promos and increase sales.
  5. Organised and simple management system – Free web to App Messaging lets you send special offers & product updates directly into the hands of your customers

What are you waiting for! Try it now and connect your customers in one place. Get a free 30-day trial. It includes Online Order Management System plus Customer Ordering via Web Browser & Customer Ordering via Mobile Apps. Your Free Trial will include 15 customer accounts with up to 100 Products.

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