OrderTron: Easy ordering and management of your customers

Easy management system you can access even with your phone! OrderTron is the simplest and highly effective online order management solution for both wholesalers and customers.
Let’s face it. Managing a business and a retailer, as a matter of fact, is quite difficult. You need to be always up to date, contacting your customers and providing them with the products you have. Sure, at first, it’s okay but once it grows bigger, little mistakes can pass through. You can avoid all of this with the right management system. It needs to be simple and easy to use for both the wholesalers and its customers.

OrderTron is a new cloud-based B2B solution that allows your customers to place orders anytime, anywhere via easy to use mobile apps, perfect for hospitality customers.
Reduce data entry and simplify order processing, making your business more efficient, expanding your capability & increasing profitability all for an affordable monthly subscription.

It’s the perfect solution for wholesalers to contact, manage and provide the goods their customers need minimising the potential mistakes the occur upon ordering.

As a wholesaler, you get to manage all your customers’ order in one place. With its easy ordering system, you can check and deliver products on time and even see your market’s growth value. You don’t need to print several forms or use different software to manage orders and invoices.

As a customer, order easy with no hassle and wait for the products to arrive! But that’s not all! Besides managing and accessing the order form your computer, OrderTron is always available as a mobile app. Whether it’s an iOS or an Android Phone, customers can easily create orders to their wholesalers wherever they are.

OrderTron management system allows a seamless system wherein customers will just order through the Order Template and wholesalers will manage it through their end and deliver the products.

Try it out right now and get a free 30-Day Trial and discover just how much easier life can be for you and your customers.

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