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Simplify your
foodservice ordering

The most comprehensive order management solution
built for wholesale suppliers, distributors and venues in foodservice.

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Everything you need
to run your business

B2B ordering, purchasing, inventory and payments solution designed for the unique requirements of the food service industry

Painless ordering
for venues and retailers

Easy and accessible ordering anytime on any device
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cloud-accounting solutions

Connect your accounting software with OrderTron to help run your business more efficiently

Working with OrderTron is easy


Get a no-obligation consultation with a demo from our friendly team and access your free trial


Fast turnaround on configuration, product/customer data imports with user training


Receive orders, plan production, dispatch, generate invoices and accept payments

Grow your business with OrderTron

OrderTron gives you the tools to make your business more efficient, reducing the time to capture and process orders while giving you the extra time to service more customers and increase your overall profitability.

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Reduce data entry

No more manual typing of orders, creating worksheets, picking slips or invoices with all order data fed directly into OrderTron.

Increase capability

Increased efficiencies give you the time to process more orders and take on more customers.

Improve purchase management

Real-time visibility on the product quantities required to fulfill orders and place purchase orders to the upstream suppliers.

Eliminate errors

Voicemail, fax and email are often lost or unclear. OrderTron removes the risk of typos, bad transmissions and human error.

Increase sales

Free web to app messaging allows you to send special offers and product updates directly to your customers.

Streamline your stock

Accurately track the constant movement of each product inventory in single or multiple warehouses.

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Accelerate order processing

Rapid order capture and compiling. Auto generation of picking slips and invoices gets your orders out the door faster.

Minimise wastage

Production reports on orders by delivery dates allows suppliers to plan the stock control accurately.

Flexible payments and credits

Receive customer payments upon order submission or on invoice terms. Easily create the credit notes on returns.

What OrderTron users say?

“OrderTron is our order management platform currently managing orders from 100 IGA’s across Tas/NSW/SA/VIC/QLD delivering multiple times each week. We have rapidly grown the business since we started with OrderTron in late 2018. We absolutely recommend going for OrderTron. A great value for money and saving time. The platform is intuitive, simple to use and easy to set-up with minimal learning curve. The team are excellent, incredibly responsive and always helpful.”
Tom Wilson
Head of Supply Chain & Logistics

“OrderTron has freed up time around payments, stock counts and clarity of ordering. Basically, every day-to-day function in our business has been improved since implementation. The product is well-priced and the service is absolutely great. We've tried numerous platforms, but they seem to fall over when it comes to service. OrderTron is the exception. Give it a shot.”
Ged Ryan
General Manager

“We've found it to be handy for our ordering functions. Our customers now place their orders from a smartphone or desktop. By encouraging clients to place their orders with OrderTron, it has meant that we have spent less time on the phones and emails, more time focusing on our products and our growth. OrderTron also adapted it to fit our mould. My staff no longer spend an hour every day planning tomorrows production, they can print reports immediately, and it has integrated with our MYOB system, so we invoice directly.”
Kia Parke

“We used to enter orders on MYOB, print product reports for sales then use a pen to work out stock requirements, entering each product separately to make purchase orders. Now OrderTron apps capture customer orders, builds our reports and generates purchase orders, sending them direct to suppliers, saving us hours every week. The exceptional support team are always keen to learn more about my business. It feels like I have my own IT department!”
Naama Mayor

“I am beyond overjoyed with the newfound hours I have gained with OrderTron after 9 years of spending days chained to my laptop, phone and fax. Our sales have increased due to the customers’ easy access to the online catalogue. Ordering is so simple and easy. Customers are loving it! Now I can focus on growing my business to its full potential. I cannot recommend OrderTron more highly. The team made my shift seamless including integrating with our existing Xero accounts. Changing to OrderTron made such a difference in our business it inspired us to change our name to EZI AS 123.”
Josi Skipworth

EZI . AS . 123
"OrderTron is an everyday part of our business and our customers like the app. It’s easy to use, easy to learn and saves us all a lot of time on orders. The invoicing and statements help immensely. The whole team has gone above and beyond to help us out which I am grateful for. It has really helped us grow. I recommend OrderTron everywhere I go. It’s easy to use software and not expensive.”
Apoorv Sahani

“After comparing a number of different platforms online, we decided on OrderTron and I’m glad we did. The set up was easy and the team were quick to respond throughout the journey. My customers work all hours and OrderTron has allowed for easy ordering late at night. This is just one of many benefits. I want to thank the team at OrderTron for being part of my day-to-day operations. I recommend you give them a try.”
Jude Mayall

“OrderTron has made a huge difference in our daily ordering process and the mobile app has been a big selling point for new customers. The platform is easy to use and the support is always there to assist us when required. To anyone thinking about trying OrderTron definitely do it, you’ll wish you set this up years ago.”
Rebecca Scocco

“OrderTron is an excellent solution to streamline orders into simple solutions. The team offers great support and is very responsive. The system saves time, reduces errors and increases customer retention. I would recommend OrderTron to any business that needs to manage continuous orders to their clients.”
Chris Meier


OrderTron – Small business order management software

Small to mid-sized businesses have unique order management software needs.

We have created the perfect small business order management software that delivers an expansive online ordering system for your business and also incorporates mobile order management solutions for businesses in specific industries.

The days when customers and businesses had to wait indefinitely to place orders for goods and services are long gone. If you don’t take, process and acknowledge orders faster, your competitors will. However, with OrderTron you can ensure optimal order fulfillment services.

OrderTron is modern order processing software that can easily integrate with your business’ existing IT infrastructure providing secure, seamless, detailed reporting in real-time. Keep track of orders and ensure that your customers get quick and accurate order fulfillment services.

This is a comprehensive system that incorporates inventory, order management and order processing under one software while also integrating your accounting requirements!
Get in touch with us today to learn more about OrderTron and how it can help your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

OrderTron – Small Business Order Management Software
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